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Abbott & Costello The Time of Their Lives lobby card 1946

Abbott & Costello The Time of Their Lives lobby card 1946

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Original Vintage Old Classic Film Theater Movie Posters Abbott Costello Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
"The Time of Their Lives", 1946
Original vintage lobby card (11x14")
Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello and Marjorie Reynolds


1946 - Considered by many to be their best movie ever (and my personal favorite!). Bud and Lou barely even speak in this movie, since Lou is a ghost of course. Rare lobby card from this title. Excellent condition with a small repaired tear in upper middle not affecting any graphics.  and a great shots of all major cast members..

Note: This was the Only Abbott and Costello film where, except for a brief few minutes at beginning, they didn't appear together.  Lou's co-star was actually Marjorie Reynolds as Bud played a Psychiatrist on the "other side".   Also, the couple lobby cards form this set that feature Both Bud and Lou are most desirable by collectors.   This could easily be considered the BEST card of the set as its the Only on to feature the three main stars !
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Two ghosts who were mistakenly branded as traitors during the Revolutionary War return to 20th century New England to retieve a letter from George Washington which would prove their innocence.   The time is 1780, and Horatio Prim (Lou Costello) is a master tinker. He travels to the estate of Tom Danbury (Jess Barker) with a letter of commendation from General George Washington. He plans to present this letter to Danbury, hoping it will persuade the wealthy man to let Horatio marry Nora O'Leary (Anne Gillis), Danbury's housemaid. Unfortunately, Horatio has a romantic rival in Cuthbert Greenway (Bud Abbott), Danbury's butler, who is very fond of Nora and intends to prevent Horatio from presenting his letter, which Nora has taken for safekeeping.

The Time of Their Lives (Universal, 1946). Lobby Card (11" X 14"). Comedy.
Starring Lou Costello, Bud Abbott, Marjorie Reynolds, and Binnie Barnes. Directed by Charles Barton. Unrestored lobby cards with bright color and clean overall appearance.

Very hard lobby cards to find as they rarely surface on the market for sale..

Note:Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original

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