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Asphalt Jungle Vintage Movie Lobby Card Marilyn Monroe 54c

Asphalt Jungle Vintage Movie Lobby Card Marilyn Monroe 54c

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The Asphalt Jungle, 1950
Original Vintage Title Lobby Card (11x14")
Starring Marilyn Monroe


In 1950 a relative unknown actress names Marilyn Monroe appeared in one of her first films, uncredited.   The film was “Asphalt Jungle”.  But, the 1954 rerelease took full advantage of Marilyn's astronomic fame with movie poster headlines, "this is the picture that first brought fame to Marilyn Monroe."

That unknown actress would become a Sex Goddess Superstar and MGM would capitalize on their new major asset by re-releasing Asphalt Jungle in the theaters nationwide.

This time they featured Marilyn more prominently in the movie poster promotions such as including her on more of the lobby cards.  This is one of those  coveted 1954 lobby cards featuring their most famous Movie Star

*Note:  This lobby card was also in the 1950 lobby card set and was the only card to include Marilyn Monroe.  

* See enlargeable image above

The Asphalt Jungle (MGM, 1954 RR).  Lobby Card  (11" X 14").
Director John Huston took on the film noir genre and a classic heist story with this tale of a group of criminals who pull off the perfect jewel robbery. But due to bad luck and their own double-crossing, everything goes bad. This set of cards captures some of the film's best moments. 
Marilyn Monroe became an "overnight sensation" in this top film noir directed by the venerable John Huston. It was actually Monroe's 8th film. 

Starring Sterling Hayden, Louis Calhern, Jean Hagen, James Whitmore, Sam Jaffe, John McIntire, Marc Lawrence, Marilyn Monroe, and Brad Dexter. Directed by John Huston.

Condition: Unrestored lobby card with bright color and clean overall appearances. It may have general signs of use, such as slight edge wear, light creases on Marilyn's face which are not noticeable unless the light hits the card a certain way, and corner pinholes, .

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original 

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