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Beatles HELP Original vintage one sheet Movie Theater poster

Beatles HELP Original vintage one sheet Movie Theater poster

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"Help", 1965
Original vintage one sheet Movie Theater poster (27x41") 
Starring "The Beatles"


Beautiful original vintage one sheet movie poster for this 1965 Beatles classic “HELP”.  

Important Info:
If you have collected vintage movie posters for a while you know that certain posters are notorious for having faded colors.  Many of these being exposed to the sun at movie theaters or later on in home, the colors severely faded.  One vintage poster I’ve always noticed many if not Most had faded colors is the one sheet for the Beatles 1965 classic “HELP”.    If you looked at the last ten that have sold at auction almost All have had obvious faded colors, particularly the yellow background and reddish pink Beatles faces.

So, you can imagine how exited we are to have discovered this Rare 1965 vintage Beatles one sheet “HELP” poster with spectacular bright colors!

Near Mint.  100% Unrestored.  Poster appears to be unused.   Just some subtle handling wear.   But Incredible condition for a 55+ year old poster!
Has the original issues fold lines as all one sheet movie posters prior to 1980 were folded. But, fold lines are very subtle and you can see it was not opened many times as fold lines are not heavily worn or split.   No pinholes or tape stains as typical with most of these vintage one sheets. 

We have second “HELP” One sheet that has been professionally linen backed.  See it HERE.   See our other vintage Beatles Treasures, like an Authentic Original 1968 “YELLOW SUBMARINE” Vintage One Sheet movie Poster,  in our Beatles Collection Gallery, HERE.  

And below under,  “Other Rare Treasures You Might Like”.

* See enlargeable images above and below. 

Help (United Artists, 1965). One Sheet (27" X 41").
In their second collaboration with director Richard Lester, the Beatles again mix wacky comedy with perfectly crafted pop music. The light plot involves a sacred ruby ring that comes into Ringo's possession, attracting the unwelcome attention of an exotic religious cult and forcing the boys to go on the run. The narrative only serves as a pretext for exotic excursions from Europe to the Bahamas and for elaborate musical numbers, with such classic songs as "Ticket to Ride," "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," and, of course, "Help!" The bright colors, including a retina-searing yellow, bursts off the poster.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original

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