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Best Years of Our Lives Original Movie Poster Vintage One SHeet

Best Years of Our Lives Original Movie Poster Vintage One SHeet

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The Best Years of Our Lives, 1946
Original Vintage One Sheet Movie Poster (27x41")
Starring Fredric March, Dana Andrews, Virginia Mayo, Harold Russell




A FIRST for Cvtreasures !

This Rare stunning vintage One sheet movie poster is of particular interest to me personally.  It has become my favorite movie all of time!

This Style B one sheet is superior (IMO) opinion to the alternative Style A  (which just had images of their heads only), with its rich colors and stunning larger images of the cast, including a spectacular large full body  image of that emotionally stirring abhorrent, abusive villainess, Virginia Mayo.  If ever a woman needed a good SMACK ! 

About 30 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Harold Russell, the films scene stealer. Harold was a WWII Navy Veteran who lost both his hands in a War training exercise.   After the war ended and "damaged" sailors and soldiers were returning home, a new film was in pre production and the Director William Wyler very much wanted Russell to be in the film.  Russell rejected the offer several times, but eventually relented and gave an Academy Award winning performance.  Not bad for someone who never acted before.    

This film was advertised as a “True Story” and I suspect Much of it was derived from Russell’s true to life experience when he returned home to civilian life. Not only to endure what even non war veterans do when they try to assimilate back to civilian life, but as a severely disabled Vet whose life was completely altered for a most difficult journey, in a world not designed for someone with no hands.   Not to take anything away from the amazing acting by Fredric March and Dana Andrews, but it was two or three of Russell’s towering scenes that stole the film and the hearts of millions who experienced  this Epic film. .   

This prized one sheet is a personal thrill to discover, and I must admit I have great reservations about selling it.  But, I hope whoever becomes the new owner has the same deep appreciation for not only this iconic post WWII movie poster, but the man who without his presence this memorable film would have been average and forgettable.     And a bonus memorable performance by Virginia Mayo as the abhorrent, abusive villainess. 

So, it is an honor to present to you the coveted One sheet for “Best Years of Our Lives” with War and human Hero Harold Russell. Arguably the Best post WW2 film ever made !

Condition: Excellent + Condition.   

* See enlargeable image above

 The Best Years of Our Lives (RKO, 1946). One Sheet (27" X 41") Style B.
This seven Academy Award winner is one of the best films about the toll World War II took on Americans. Myrna Loy, Fredric March, Dana Andrews, and Teresa Wright headline this all-star cast for William Wyler's drama about returning soldiers who are adjusting to civilian life again. This charming one sheet is one of the best theatrical  posters for this iconic post WW2 film. 

Note: Cvtreasures stamp not on original

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