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Blob Original Vintage Movie Poster Lobby Card Steve Mcqueen 5

Blob Original Vintage Movie Poster Lobby Card Steve Mcqueen 5

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The Blob, 1958
Original Vintage Movie Poster Lobby Card (11x14")
Starring Steve McQueen
"In His First Starring Role"

Terrific vintage original lobby card for Steve McQueen's first top billed fim...     Lobby cards from this early McQueen classic are rare and highly sought after.   This is the best card of the set...     Get this beauty before it is gone.    Excellent condition.   * See enlargeable image above

We recently acquired five lobby cards for this film.  See the others below under , "Other Treasures You May Like"...

The Blob (Paramount, 1958). Lobby Card (11" X 14").
Topping the list of 1950s creature features, this classic film stars a young "Steven" McQueen in his first starring role, battling a rapidly morphing glob of parasitic cosmic goo. Terror stricken humans flee the creature on this "must-have" for any '50s science fiction collector. 
An iconic 1950s sci-fi thriller, this teen flick was a favorite at the drive-ins, and its theme song "The Blob," written by a young Burt Bacharach, was an instant hit. Steve McQueen and girlfriend Aneta Corsaut hunt for a mysterious meteor that has landed in their town. The monster that comes out of the meteor terrorizes the townspeople and chases the teens into a diner for the final showdown

Note: Cvtreasures stamp not on original poster

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