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Cary Grant Autographed Signed School Science Notebook

Cary Grant Autographed Signed School Science Notebook

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Cary Grant
Vintage In-Person Authentic Autographed Signed School  Science Notebook 


Sometimes the story is even more exciting then the Prize!

This is such a story.  

CARY GRANT signed biology school book 1957 given to taxi driver on cover of daughter's book!

The autograph has a very amusing story behind it. When Cary Grant was filming "An Affair to Remember" in British Columbia in 1957, he was taking a taxi to the set. The taxi driver recognized Mr. Grant and asked him for an autograph. Mr. Grant said he would, but neither of them had any paper! The driver searched his cab and found his daughter's loose leaf science note book (which she had accidentally left when he dropped her off at school), and Mr. Grant wrote on the bottom of the cover "Good wishes, Arlene, Cary Grant", because Arlene was the driver's daughter. This is the entire school book, including the cover with Mr. Grant's autograph.

Note:  There are some fantastic images of Cary Grant chasing down a taxi that would look amazing framed with this Autographed piece of history

* See enlargeable images above and below

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original

Guaranteed Authentic for Life

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