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Charlie Chan's Chance Original Vintage Movie Theater Herald 1931

Charlie Chan's Chance Original Vintage Movie Theater Herald 1931

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Original Old Vintage Charlie Chan Movie Posters Photo Memorabilia Collectibles for sale 
Charlie Chan's Chance, 1931

Original Vintage Movie Theater Herald
Starring Warner Oland


Terrific Rare Vintage Original movie Herald promoting this Rare LOST Charlie Chan film in 1932.   (Note: we also have an original Herald from Chan's LOST 1931 film "Charlie Chan Carries On"). 

*See enlargeable images above and below

Any movie paper from this 90+ year old LOST film is highly scarce !

Charlie Chan's Chance (Fox, 1932). Herald (6" X 8.75").
Warner Oland's third excursion as the Chinese detective, this early talkie features a plot in which Chan himself was the intended victim of a murder, but escaped, while another man was killed. He has to fend off the inquiries of both Scotland Yard and the New York police while he tracks down the killer. Unique in the series as being the only Chan film to have the involvement of creator Earl Derr Biggers (credited with "added suggestions"), this is a lost film, much to the chagrin of many Chan enthusiasts. What's not lost is this fantastic RARE Herald with terrific images of Oland and his co stars..

Heralds were first used in the 1910's, and were printed as an inexpensive advertising flyer, that usually included a picture of the leading actors and general Information about the film. A copy of the herald was usually included in the advertising package that was sent to the press and cinemas. Heralds were also handed out by the cinemas to members of the public to advertise the forthcoming film. Heralds were used up to the mid 1970s. There is a blank area on the reverse of the herald, which allowed cinemas to print their own information. 

For more history on Movie Heralds and Handbill click HERE

Note: Cvtreasures stamp not on original

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