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Dizzy Detectives 3 Three Stooges Vintage Title Lobby Card 1943

Dizzy Detectives 3 Three Stooges Vintage Title Lobby Card 1943

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Three 3 Stooges Original Vintage Classic Film Posters Photos Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
Dizzy Detectives, 1943
Original Vintage TITLE Lobby Card Movie Poster (11x14")
Starring The Three Stooges: Moe, Curly, Larry

One of the most savage (millennial jargon) Three Stooges treasures we've discovered in several years! 
A gorgeous original vintage 1943 Three Stooges Title Card for their 1943 Columbia Short Classic "Dizzy Detectives" with some of the best artwork and graphics of any Stooges movie paper. 
 1940s Three Stooges lobby cards are particularly elusive and have seen non stop increase in value over the past decade.  Even more desirable by collectors then the one sheets, these lobby cards are a Must "Grab Now" Rarity as they are our very best sellers!  And this will NOT last !

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Meanwhile,  take a break, sit back and enjoy this Priceless 18 minutes of pure joy!  Watch this Stooges classic HERE

Note: We have two other vintage Three Stooges Columbia Short lobby cards.   * See other Vintage Stooges relics below under "Other Vintage Treasures You May Like".  

Very rare original piece of Stooges History.  This original 1943 Columbia Short Title lobby card is a rare find.    It could be decades before you ever see one of these again. As seasoned Stooges Collectors now, "Curly era" lobby cards are very rare and extremely desirable, many selling into the tens of thousand$$.   We could go on and on about this incredible find, but the enlargeable image above says it all!  

Very good-Excellent condition . Has been linen backed.  Prior to linen backing it had apparently been folded at the bottom and top, but now the fold lines are flattened and you wouldn't notice them if you didn't  know they were there as they are barely noticeable.  Other then some border wear this title card is quite nice and as you can see has exceptionally nice graphics of the Three Stooge legends in various poses and scenes.    An exceptional Stooge gem of a find to add to your coveted vintage Hollywood and/or Three Stooges Collection!  

* See enlargeable images above and below including copyright and date information.

Dizzy Detectives (Columbia, 1943). Title Card (11" X 14").
The Three Stooges are posing as night watchmen in an antiques gallery to try and catch the "Ape Man" burglar. Which (sort of) explains why Curly is stuck on the guillotine! 
Starring Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Jerome (Curly) Howard. Directed by Jules White.?  Very good condition and has been linen backed. 

Dizzy Detectives, the 1943 Jules White crime slapstick comedy short ("Deliriously daffy with laughs!"; "A Columbia Short-Subject Presentation"; the Stooges are carpenters who become policemen to help catch a burglar; when they catch the burglar, it turns out to be a gorilla owned by the man who hired them) starring The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard), Dick Botiller, Lynton Brent, Ray Corrigan (as "Bonzo the Gorilla"!), and Bud Jamison. Note that Crash Corrigan made a REALLY wise investment in the 1930s, when he bought a "gorilla suit". In many of the movies in the 1940s where there is a fake gorilla, it is played by Crash Corrigan, no doubt because he could supply the suit!

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original 

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