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Harvey Original Vintage One Sheet Movie Poster Jimmy Stewart

Harvey Original Vintage One Sheet Movie Poster Jimmy Stewart

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Original Classic Old Vintage Film Movie Theater Posters Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
Harvey, 1950
Original Vintage One Sheet Movie Poster  (27x41")
Starring James Stewart and "Harvey"



Rare Original Vintage Theatrical Movie Poster One Sheet actually used to promote this classic film over 70 years ago!

*Highly desirable by collectors and upscale interior designers

Without a doubt a Universal all time favorite film and a major role that solidified James Stewart's super nice guy persona, that was his real life personality.  This one sheet poster is simply an adorable gem!    Only the third time in 35 years we have acquired this one sheet, actually used to promote the movie 72+ years ago.  A rare poster to find as only a handful have appeared on the market over the past 35 years.     We are Very Fortunate to have acquired this one as in the past we woudn't see one surface but about every 5 years. 

* See enlargeable images above and below.

NOTE:  This poster is not only getting more difficult to acquire but the value (selling price) keeps increasing each time we find one.   If the trend continues this poster will be selling for $10,000 in the next 5-10 years. 

Note:  What differentiates this from others that have appeared on the market is the Amazing Condition.    Unlike most others that have appeared on the market, this Beauty has original bright colors (not faded as some have suffered), no major tears, no stains, no darkening of the poster, no restoration required (other than linen backed preservation).   Most all of these that have surfaced have required fair to significant restoration.   This gem as you can see has bright colors and crisp graphics and artwork and no major retsoration prior to linen backing.  Has been professionally linen backed and looks Amazing !.

This treasure is in Excellent condition.  It has been professionally linen backed and looks amazing!   We have had several requests for this poster and we just acquired this one.   Grab it now because you're not likely to see it again for several years, if ever!.

Note:   If you follow auction results for this poster, you know it has Skyrockted in value over the past few years!   This looks be another vintage movie poster we see take off like so many others have in the past few years, like "Jaws"   And the fact it Rarely surfaces on the market, this maybe your Last Chance !

Harvey (Universal International, 1950). One Sheet (27" X 41"). Comedy.
You just haven't had much fun in life until you've been followed around by a "pookah" (an invisible spirit). James Stewart stars as Elwood P. Dowd, whose pookah happens to be a six-foot-tall rabbit! The poster features a cute line drawing draping his arm around Stewart in a most friendly manner. Linenbacking and expert airbrush work has addressed the cross-fold separations and fold wear.
Elwood P. Dowd (James Stewart) is a lovable, albeit eccentric, character, who is accompanied through life by a pookah, an invisible spirit that appears to Elwood as a six foot tall rabbit. Elwood's respectable sister Veta (Josephine Hull), embarrassed by Elwood's antics, decides to send her brother to the local sanitarium, and through a series of comical errors, ends up there herself. This beloved classic, based on the hit play written by Mary Chase, also stars Peggy Dow and Cecil Kellaway. This delightful poster has been professionally linen backed and looks amazing!
Starring James Stewart, Josephine Hull, Peggy Dow, Nana Bryant, Charles Drake, Cecil Kellaway, Victoria Horne, and Wallace Ford. Directed by Henry Koster.

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