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John F. Kennedy Jfk Jackie Original Vintage Type 1 Photograph

John F. Kennedy Jfk Jackie Original Vintage Type 1 Photograph

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John F. Kennedy
Original Vintage Type 1 Photo, 1963

PSA Certified TYPE 1 and Encapsulated
Photographer Cecil B. Stoughton



Incredible piece of history you won’t find anywhere else!

Amazing intimate TYPE 1 photo of JFK with friends and Jackie in a casual setting in the Oval Office

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John F. and Jackie Kennedy Type I Photograph. One color photograph, 5" x 5", Washington; 1963. A photograph of the Kennedys in the Oval Office entertaining a group of friends. Photographed by White House Photographer Cecil B. Stoughton. Encapsulated by PSA/DNA to an overall size of 6.5" x 10".

BIO:  Photographer Cecil B. Stoughton

Cecil William Stoughton (January 18, 1920 – November 3, 2008) was an American photographer. He is best known for being President John F. Kennedy's photographer during his White House years.

Stoughton was present at the motorcade at which Kennedy was assassinated and subsequently took the only photograph on board Air Force One of Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in as the next President

During World War II, he was assigned to the First Motion Picture Unit. He was a captain in the United States Army Signal Corps, when he was assigned to the White House Army Signal Agency. Stoughton's behind-the-scene pictures of John and Jacqueline and their children in their public and personal life were pivotal in shaping the public's view of the U.S. first family. He took more than 8,000 pictures of the family spanning the 34-month period beginning with Kennedy's inauguration and ending with his assassination.

Stoughton took the only photograph ever published showing John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe together. Stoughton was present at the motorcade at which Kennedy was assassinated, and was subsequently the only photographer on board Air Force One when Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as the next President. Stoughton knew it was "tasteless," but suggested a photograph needed to be made of the "history-making moment ... and I think we should have it." Kenneth T. Walsh even agreed and said of Stoughton's picture that Air Force One "has become associated with incredibly powerful images" and "a symbol of the country and a reminder of history." His photograph, the most famous ever taken aboard a presidential aircraft, depicts Johnson raising his hand in oath as he stood between his wife Lady Bird Johnson and a still blood-spattered Jacqueline Kennedy. Stoughton recounted this event and his service as White House photographer during Johnson's first two years in office in an oral history contributed to the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum

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