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King Kong Original Vintage Promotional Photo Still Fay Wray

King Kong Original Vintage Promotional Photo Still Fay Wray

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King Kong
Original Vintage Promotional Photo Still, 1933


Stunning vintage photo of the most famous giant ape.  From the 1938 Re-release this is a striking close up image of Kong in the fight of his life with Fay Wray in Hand!  Very good condition with significant theater used wear such as border pinholes and minor tears. . .    

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1933 King Kong, "Legendary Monster Fights a Dinosaur" Incredible Film Rarity

The 1933 film King Kong is one of the most important in film history. It was the first to use stop-motion animation as a special effect and create a monster that would shock audiences like never before. For as famous and iconic as the film was, few original images have survived and even fewer that actually show the monsters in the film. The offered photograph is only the second original studio image with the studio credits on the front we have ever seen and as such, the importance of this offering can not be overstated! Despite pinholes, handling wear and associated damage, this is a fine looking crystal clear original!
Size: 8x10
Designation: Vintage 1

Despite obvious signs of wear and tear this vintage photo is  undeniably simply extraordinary !   We cannot recall an origal vintage Kong photo like this with such a terrific clear image of Fay Wray in his hand.  This is a fine looking crystal clear original!  Stunning clarity and tone.  One of the finest we've ever seen!

Size: 8x10

Note: Cvtreasures stamp not on original

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