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MARILYN MONROE Original Vintage TYPE I Photo/ Photo Shoot 1950

MARILYN MONROE Original Vintage TYPE I Photo/ Photo Shoot 1950

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Original Vintage Memorabilia Collectibles Marilyn Monroe Photos Photography For Sale
Original Vintage TYPE I Photo/ Photo Shoot 

Stunning Type I Vintage Press Release Photo form a 1950 pinup style Photo Shoot of of  a 24 year old stunning Marilyn Monroe in sexy bathing suit  (or as sexy as they could be in 1950) . .  A particularly exquisite and striking image as it was originally taken in 1950.  NOT a restrike or reprint but an actual 1950 photo taken and produced at the time of the photo shoot.  Hence, a TYPE I photo .    SIZE: 7 1/4" x 9 1/4".

ORIGINAL Photos capturing the Original moment in time of this iconic Hollywood Goddess with such extensive authentic documented provenance are Rare to come by, especially this early in her career!  

Provenance: Has extensive dated provenance on reverse including studio and/or news press releases stamps and dates including early 1950s when photo was used extensively for various promotional activity.  Seems the world could not get enough of Marilyn from the very beginning she stepped onto the world stage.   * See enlargeable images above and below . 

Date of Issue: 1950


Issuer: RKO Radio Pictures

Size:  7-1/4" x 9-1/4"


A Vintage 1950 Original Photograph featuring a rare early swimsuit shot of Marilyn Monroe. Captured at the time she went from another cheesecake pin-up model into a glamour queen and eventually the world's most famous movie star. Reverse has several date stamps from the 1950's as well as some editorial markings as the photo was subjected to newspaper publication use over the years and has some handling wear on the surface. Overall, this is a very nice early period photograph of Marilyn at the time her star was on the rise !

NOte:  Cvtreasures stamp Not on original photo. 

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