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Misfits Antique Original Italian Movie Poster Marilyn Monroe

Misfits Antique Original Italian Movie Poster Marilyn Monroe

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"Misfits", 1961
Original Vintage One Sheet Italian release Movie Poster,  (55" X 77.5")
Starring Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable



The spectacular Italian release theatrical poster destroys the US version!

The first time in our 42 years collecting we have ever seen this superior  Italian variant !

The only thing disappointing about this film’s history are the posters created to promote it were unimaginative, colorless, dull and highly forgettable.  Leave it to the land of the greatest artists ever born, Italy to give this iconic film its deserving grandiose worldwide  introduction with a gorgeous advertising poster that puts the smaller American version to shame.  Just look at the image below to see the dramatic difference.   Very Good-excellent Condition.

*See enlargeable images above and below

Arthur Miller, the lauded American playwright, wrote the screenplay for this film for his soon-to-be bride, Marilyn Monroe.   It was another John Huston masterpiece with three of the biggest movie stars of the era..    Sadly it was the last film all three would ever make.  Monroe and Gable would die before the films release.  Cliff’s health interfered with his work and he never made another film.  Cliff would follow Monroe and Gable five years later and died of a heart attack in July 1966.

The Misfits depicts the chance meeting and unlikely love affair in Reno, Nevada of a depressive divorcée, Roslyn Taber (Monroe), and Gay Langland (Gable), an aging ex-cowboy prone to gambling and surviving on mustang rustling. He then sells the horses to slaughterhouses for the manufacture of dog food. Wallach plays Guido, Langland's pilot partner, and Clift plays Perce Howland, who is a drifter rodeo rider.

The climax of the film takes place during extended, emotionally intense wrangling scenes on a dry Nevada lakebed.

The "misfits" of the title are both the weak horses which are most likely to be caught in the cruel roping, and the weak, sad characters of the story, unable to find satisfaction and picked off, one at a time, by fate.

For both Monroe and Gable this would be their last film. Gable would not live to see the film's release and Monroe would follow him in August 1962. I just read a biography by Frank Sinatra's long time assistant where it mentions some believed Marilyn's difficult behavior on the set contributed to Clark Gables heart attack during filming of "The Misfits"..

The Misfits (United Artists, 1961). Folded.   Italian 4 - Fogli (55" X 77.5").
Arthur Miller, the lauded American playwright, wrote the screenplay of this film for his then-wife, Marilyn Monroe. This film marks the last completed picture for both Monroe and Clark Gable, as well as co-star Montgomery Clift.  This brightly colored Italian poster shows slight fold wear and separations, soft creases, and a few small chips and tears. There is mild edge and fold toning. The poster has a few strips of cellophane tape on the verso.     That said, it is quite exceptional condition for its 61 years !
The first time we have ever seen this Italain version. 

Note: Cvtreasures stamp not on original

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