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Searchers, John Wayne vintage lobby card western movie poster

Searchers, John Wayne vintage lobby card western movie poster

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Original vintage Western Movie Posters Film John Wayne Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
The Searchers, 1956
Original Vintage Western Movie Theater Poster Lobby Card (11x14")
Starring John Wayne

Very Rare, original theater used lobby card from this 1956 iconic western classic. This John Wayne western  was voted AFI's greatest western of all time).  These vintage lobby cards are very rare to find for this film!  One of the best cards of the set..     Most of these lobby cards are worn with pin and staples holes, stains, creases, tears and faded colors.   Excellent 100% Un-Restored Condition..  One indication of the typical faded colors on these lobby cards is the sky is no longer Blue, but a faded gray.    This beauty has retained its magnificent blue sky and colorful background.   ONly minor issue is small paper pulls in the corners that dont affect image area.
You will be hard pressed to find another iin this amazing condition.    * See enlargeable image above

*Note: To give an example of the popularity of this iconic film and the intense demand by collectors, an original Script used on the set of "Searchers" sold at auction in October 2011 for $42,000!

The Searchers (Warner Brothers, 1956). Lobby Card (11" X 14").
Delivering one of his finest performances, John Wayne is a Confederate soldier returning from war who finds his brother and sister-in-law murdered by Indians, and their daughter abducted. Wayne sets off on a mission to find the girl and exact revenge upon those responsible, in this complex and incredibly well-written epic directed by John Ford. Shot in panoramic Monument Valley, the picture is one of the most gorgeous Westerns ever committed to film.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp not on the original

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