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She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Vintage Lobby Card Poster John Wayne 4

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Vintage Lobby Card Poster John Wayne 4

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"She Wore a Yellow Ribbon", 1949
ORIGINAL Vintage lobby card movie poster (11x14")
Starring John Wayne

Artist: Harold von Schmidt


1949 - Stunning lobby card from this Wayne cavalry classic! 

 * See enlargeable image above 

Beautiful vintage lobby card with terrific image of John Wayne doing the "smell test" (alcohol) on Victor McLaglen.  *This has always been my favorite lobby card from this classic film with one of the best images of John Wayne.    Being only 42 at the time, they had to dye his hair with a grey streak, which makes this lobby card image of the Duke particularly striking  

These "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" lobby cards of a favorite among western, cavalry and John Wayne collectors with tier spectacular border art and striking colors.  We don't see many of these appear on the market.

 And with the spectacular border art by master artist Harold von Schmidt, makes these vintage cinematic treasures particularly collectible and desirable for irresistible home decor.

The artist for the border art was Harold von Schmidt, who was an illustrator for Saturday Evening Post.

NOTE: For whatever reason, most of the original vintage lobby cards we encounter for this John Wayne classic are usually in rough condition with significant tears, stains, pinholes, fading, etc.  As you can see from this gorgeously preserved gem, this superior condition one is a beauty!

Note 2:  We have a second card like this listed, however it did not have the good fortune and survive like this one did.  The other one has condition issues and is priced accordingly much less then this high grade beauty. 

 * See enlargeable image above 

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (RKO, 1949). Lobby Card  (11x14”)
John Ford, fascinated by the landscape of the American southwest, and with the legends of the Cavalry ordered to protect the civilians settling the region, created an epic trilogy starring John Wayne and his company of players. In this outing, Wayne as Captain Brittles must evacuate the local women as they are expecting a raid from an Indian war party. This wonderful and very colorful poster lobby card depicts Wayne, in a dramatic scene with his ca-stars.

Under the capable command of John Ford, John Wayne delivers one of his finest performances in the second film of Ford's "Cavalry Trilogy." The grandeur of Monument Valley is expertly captured in Technicolor by cinematographer Winton Hoch, winning him an Academy Award. Joanne Dru and John Agar also turn in excellent performances in this true Western classic. 

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon is the second in John Ford's "Cavalry Trilogy," and was the only one to be shot in Technicolor. John Wayne stars as an Army captain on the eve of retirement who must quiet a potential Indian uprising. Wayne is ably supported by such Ford regulars as John Agar, Ben Johnson, Harry Carey, Jr., and Victor McLaglen. The magnificent artwork of Wayne and his co-stars, including Joanne Dru in her third film, make this arguably the best poster art of the three advertising campaigns in the cavalry trilogy.

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