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Thrill Hunter Original Vintage Title Card Western Buck Jones

Thrill Hunter Original Vintage Title Card Western Buck Jones

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Original vintage classic old Western Movie Theater Film Posters Buck Jones Roy Rogers Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
The Thrill Hunter, 1933
Original Vintage Title Card Western Adventure Movie Theater Poster (11x14")
Starring Buck Jones

Gorgeous Original  vintage 1933 Title Card movie poster from western Star Buck Jones’s classic adventure thriller "Thrill Hunter".   Very good ocondition. 

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The Thrill Hunter (Columbia, 1933). Fine. Title Lobby Card (11" X 14"). 
Starring Buck Jones, Dorothy Revier, Edward LeSaint, Eddie Kane, Arthur Rankin, Frank LaRue, Robert Ellis, Harry Semels, Albert J. Smith, John Ince, Harry Todd, Willie Fung, Silver, and Glenn Strange. Directed by George B. Seitz. An unrestored title lobby card with good color and an overall very presentable appearance. It may have edge wear, pinholes.

Terrific Vintage Title Card artwork of Buck Jones as a race car driver, as he stars as a big-mouth who's talked his way into co-starring in a film role. His scam is quickly uncovered when he tries to fly a plane and fails. Disgraced, he heads home only to return when his lovely leading lady (Dorothy Revier) is kidnapped by real outlaws. It's rare to find Jones in a non-western role but this fantastic Title Card and its spectacular artwork does not disappoint. Prior to this film, Jones had gone to the skies as a pilot in a previous film The Big Hop.

Cowboy Buck Crosby (Jones)  is a big blowhard and a liar. His supposedly great race car driving and flying feats gets him invited to co-star with Marjorie Lane in a Western. He survives the auto racing scene but is exposed as a hoax when he tries to fly an airplane. Leaving in shame, he gets a chance to redeem himself when outlaws kidnap Marjorie.

Braggart Buck Crosby rescues movie star Marjorie Lane when her horse bolts during location shooting. She invites him to dinner, where he regales the film crew with tall tales of his exploits. When someone notices his resemblance to a noted car racer, he takes credit for that, too. After he leaves, he is attracted to a commotion in an isolated cabin. Shots ring out, and he finds two men dead inside. They turn out to be members of the Blake gang, which just pulled off a $100,000 gold robbery. Buck finds a locket and keeps it, then claims the reward for shooting the two men. This latest exploit convinces director Ed Jackson to invite Buck to go to Hollywood and star opposite Marjorie in her next picture.

Brief Bio:
Buck Jones (December 12, 1891 – November 30, 1942) was an American motion picture star of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, known for his work starring in many popular western movies. 

Buck Jones was one of the 492 victims of the Cocoanut Grove fire in Boston, Massachusetts on November 28, 1942. He died two days later on November 30, at age 50. 

Some news reports said that he had successfully escaped but had gone back into the burning building to save others and was trapped there..

Terrific addition to collectors of vintage western, adventure, classic cars and Buck Jones

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