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Star Wars Movie Poster 1977 Vintage Sci-Fi SECOND PRINTING

Star Wars Movie Poster 1977 Vintage Sci-Fi SECOND PRINTING

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Original vintage Horror Sci Fi movie posters classic Star Wars memorabilia collectibles for sale
Star Wars, 1977
Original Vintage Star Wars Movie Poster For Sale One Sheet (27x41")



Of all the Star Wars posters created for this Sci Fi legendary film, this style A has always been the most desirable with its spectacular artwork and graphics  by Tom Jung.  Original Star Wars style A one sheet from this 1977 classic. Folded with the well known proof of authenticity mark, the "union stamp" at bottom. And, NO "Hair line" on Luke's belt, which IF present would indicate a "pirated copy".
100% Un-Restored Excellent condition, with just slight crinkling on bottom left border..  . Originally folded (as were all original 1977 Star Wars one sheets), but has been rolled for the past several years, which has minimized the fold lines.  

One of the most coveted of all Original Star Wars movie posters is this Style A "Second Printing" one sheet.  Recently we sold the most rare First Printing one sheet.  But,, this Second Printing One sheet is the 2nd most rare!   There were Four known printings, most of the one sheets released were from the 3rd and 4th printings, with the 2nd being more rare, and the most rare of all, the First Printing.  
* The most obvious differentiation is the FIRST PRINTING has across the bottom border "one sheet - style A" and the NSS number as "77/21-0" in lower right border. The following 2nd, 3rd and 4th printing just have 77/21.     The 3rd and 4th printing also have Star Wars printing in lower right, whereas the 2nd printing does Not.    *See enlargeable images below for graphics and examples of the four printing marking

The intense and even obsessive Star Wars fan base has made this one of the best investments in the world of collecting.  With tremendous appreciation value.   With such fervent demand this FIRST PRINTING Star Wars gem could be selling for over $5000 in a matter of a few years, with the 2nd printing not far behind.   Other dealers are selling this 2nd Printing for $2500-3000! !  Excellent UN-restored, folded condition!  With just the slightest indication of the fold lines.  And if so desired could be professionally linen backed which would eliminate the fold lines..   .  (NOTE: All one sheets were folded by NSS prior to the mid 1980s.  Be very leery of "rolled" pre 1985 one sheets as it is often an indication of a pirated copy). 

See enlargeable images above and below

Star Wars (20th Century Fox, 1977). Second Printing One Sheet (27" X 41") Originally Folded, but rolled past several years, which has minimized fold lines..   Style A. Science Fiction.
Starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness, Peter Cushing, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew, David Prowse, and James Earl Jones. Directed by George Lucas. An unrestored flat folded poster with bright color and a clean overall appearance. It may have general signs of use, such as mild edge wear, slight fold separation and fold wear, Please see full-color, enlargeable image above and below for more details. Artwork by Tom Jung. Flat-Folded, Very Fine.

Guaranteed Authentic Original for Life

Note Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original

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